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How Do I Increase My Home Value?

The list of ways to increase a home’s value often is endless and depends a great deal on how much you want to spend. A house that’s more than 50 or 70 years old likely will benefit from upgraded electrical and plumbing systems, a new roof (if the existing roof is deteriorating), etc. While those add value, they’re not alterations that are easily seen.

To make more obvious changes that will increase your home’s value, think in terms of expanding rooms, adding rooms, updating bathrooms and kitchens.

Paint – interior and exterior – is an easy, inexpensive way to increase a home’s value. Landscaping is another way to quickly improve the appearance and value of a home.

Of course, amenities appropriate for your area can help – adding a swimming pool, finishing the basement for added living space, and adding a fence.

Another way to increase a home’s value is to advocate for the neighborhood. Are there properties on your block that are not well kept? If so, they’ll detract from your own home’s value. Talk to the homeowners or city code enforcement officers about ways to boost those homes’ appearance. Are the schools declining or overcrowded? Work with the school board to turn that situation around. A Neighborhood Watch program can help nip crime in the bud, making your block more appealing. Keeping an eye on the city’s zoning plans can help assure that your street isn’t expanded to four lanes or that an adjacent undeveloped block isn’t going to become the ugly, unappealing back of a strip mall.